Welcome to Smartway Logistics

Smart Way Logistics is focused on exceeding your needs. Whether it is picking up one pallet, a whole truckload, or anything in between, we offer a value-added service by being able to determine the most cost-effective solution while focusing on quality.

We understand that your time is valuable, but more importantly, your shipment(s) are your livelihood. We are dedicated professionals who are committed to you, our valued customer.

Save up to 70% on your Shipping Costs

The value-added service that we provide is a huge benefit to you and your company. We provide this by:

  • Working with your logistics department (manager) to assure proper classification of freight. This is vital in the unlikely event of a claim. Carriers pay their claims according to the NMFC (National Motor Freight Classification) guidelines within and according to the released value of freight.

  • Providing the Bill Of Lading to your logistic manager or your vendor. Again, this helps to ensure proper classification of freight and relieves this person of time that would have to be spent preparing the Bill(s) of Lading(s).

  • Scheduling the pickup and delivery of your shipment(s). This is a valuable time-saver in itself.

  • Auditing every freight bill for accuracy. This assures what you were quoted is what you are billed.

  • Tracking your shipments on a daily basis, which helps to reduce costs.

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