Logistics the Smart Way

Smartway Logistics launched in 2000, starting with just a few employees and clients. They have grown with additional salesmen/women over the years, adding to the already extensive accumulative experience that this company has. The philospohy of Smartway Logistics is to provide shipping solutions to our clients the smart way, offering a value-added service by being able to determine the most cost-effective solution while focusing on quality.

Business with Smartway is indeed SMART - Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Smartway Logistics has relationships with all major shippers in the nation, leading to exclusive savings and smart money transfered directly into your pocket.


Save up to 70% on your Shipping Costs

Smartway Logistics goes above and beyond your expectations, where savings on your current logistics can be up to 70%, if you do things the smart way with Smartway Logistics.

Smartway Logistics is dedicated to all its customers, whether its solving your logistic problems or getting better rates they are here to fufill you needs on-time and well within budget. Become a client today or simply check out their rates by filling out the quote form to see your instant savings.